Our team


John Hill

Racer, Founder

Since John was a young boy, racing and cultural unity have always been a huge part of his life. John is biracial, one side of his family is from the inner-city and the other side is from a small farming town. His up bringing allowed him to see the power in two vast cultures coming together for one common purpose, love. Everybody wants to feel known, valuable, and loved no matter your color of skin. 

During college he met Chad Davis and Tré Dunn, who happened to share the same passion to see unity and cultural diversity come to the racing community. They all saw a unique opportunity to partner together and make Thumbprint a reality. As C.E.O. and driver for Thumbprint, John's vision is to see those in marginalized communities be empowered to make their mark on their the world.


Chad Davis

Director of Marking

Chad graduated from college at Middle Tennessee State University with an bachelors in Marketing. While a student at MTSU, he met John Hill. The two of them were taking the same class where they discovered each other’s passions for racing. Chad is nationally ranked in Legend cars and was recruited by a NASCAR truck team. Unfortunately, through series of circumstances out of his control, he was not able to sign with the team.

Out of this experience, came a passion to help others like himself. As director of marketing, Chad's vision is to make Thumbprint a place where people who have dreams get equipped to go and conquer them. He is believes that with a unified community of people, anything is possible.  


Tre Dunn

Director of Outreach 

 As a graduate and former football player at the University of Kentucky, Tre used his platform to engage and develop at risk youth in inner city communities and beyond. Children are the future. Through opportunities like sports, after school programs, and healthy relationships we create an environment that fosters hope, investing in a brighter future.

As a Director of Youth and Mentoring in inner city Nashville, Tre met John through an after-school youth group collaboration. Their passion for youth development in unreached communities led to a wonderful friendship and the vision of Thumbprint Youth. Thumbprint Youth is an outreach program designed to establish a foundation for building character, creating community, and advocating hope.